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huf2much’s Premiere


Awe yeah! My shirt is up at Teefury!

After a few failed attempts, One of my designs (based on Ron Swanson from Park & Recreations) has finally been chosen by I’m going head-to-head in a Twofury Competition February 26th 2013 (day of this post) against a cold-ass-mofo’n artist Joey “Joebot” Spiotto (Thanks a lot Teefury, I don’t stand a chance against this vet).

Hopefully this is just the beginning of many more of my designs to appear on The ‘Fury. But of course, to do so, I’ll need some more ideas, and right now my mind is a blank slate. If you got any suggestions on a pop-culture design that you’d like to see, hit me up and I’ll try my best to make it a reality.


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  1. Michael says:

    Love it!
    How about “organic” and ikea swedish design with horse meat in the meatballs
    The pope or church for gays haha. Maybe too controversial

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